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    Wild Awake Mindfulness Experience - Blog Post

    On Monday 4th September 2018, a small group of us met at Bowler St entrance to the park do an hour of mindfulness with Claire from Wild Awake Mindfulness, and I was attending my first session of outdoor mindfulness in the park. We walked down the little path into the woods. After introducing ourselves, Claire did a couple of short sitting meditations. I noticed that meditating on breath was much easier than indoors alone, and more relaxing than group sessions indoors. The sounds from the park such as birdsong and wind in the trees, the feel of the wind on skin, and simply being in the open air made it much easier to focus on the moment. Even when there were distractions, such as laughter from the picnic areas and noisy crows crying harshly above, it didn't distract us. We also did some lying meditation, and saw a different side to the woods, watching squirrels and birds hopping about in the trees before closing our eyes. By the time we had finished, it was getting dark, and I felt good to have really felt the passage from day to night. There are some more sessions happening over the next few weeks, see the event below for details!

     mindfulness wild awake  mindfulness wild awake Alex
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    Mindfulness in Nature Sessions - Starting Sept 4th

    Wild Awake Mindfulness are running a series of mindfulness classes in the park by an accredited teacher. Beginners welcome, no experience needed.

     mindfulness wild awake Meet at the Bowler St entrance to the park 4th Sept 2018, 7pm-8pm
    18th Sept 6.30pm-7.30pm
    2nd Oct 6pm-7pm
    16th Oct 5.30pm-6.30pm
    Claire at or 07990 974462
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    Free Young Explorer’s Club - starting Summer 2018

    Every Thursday morning throughout the school holidays, The Conservation Volunteers, will be running free natural play sessions for 8-12 year olds at Highfield Country Park.

    These fun outdoor sessions will allow children to explore their local park through activities like den building, bug hunting and natural crafts. To reserve a place or for more information please email or call 0161 962 9409. Places are on a first come first serve basis.

    For more information please follow TCV on our social media accounts: Facebook or Twitter

    young explorers club 2018 from the Conservation Volunteers Highfield Country Park Bowler Street entrance (M19 2TY) 10am - 11.30am Every Thursday morning in the school holidays from 26th July 2018 / 0161 962 9409
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    Into the Woods Toddlers Group - starting Sept 2018

    Starting from Tue 11th Sept, a parent and toddler group Mud Pie Academy will be running on the park. Led by a qualified Forest School Leader and Early Years Teacher there will be stories and songs to entertain and educate. There will be a taster session on 28th August. Prices per session are £6 or £3.50 for low waged. Booking is essential - please book on the link below. Book at Bookwhen or Facebook

    vandals damage the log seats and trees in highfield country park Higfield Country Park 10.30am Every Tues from 11th Sept mudpieacademy @
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    Vandalism in the Forest School Area

    At some point between Thursday 7th and Saturday the 9th June, vandals damaged the forest school area, where there is a clearing and log seats. The log seats were set fire to, and a number of trees were cut down, apparently for no reason, two oak trees and one birch was cut and the marks appear to be from hand saws, which would have been a lot of work! We were worried that this would affect the forest school activities that are run with children from St Marys. But the school children visited the site and still enjoyed themselves, so we are likely to leave it as is now, and the 5 x 2 hour sessions will be run as planned. The cut trees provide new things to climb on for the children, which offsets the loss of seats! Please note, it is dangerous to cut trees like this especially if you do not have a licence.

    vandals damage the log seats and trees in highfield country park Alex
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    Woodland Fun Day - Green Square

    A relaxed day of woodland fun activities for adults and children. There will be mud involved so wear appropriate clothes! Activities include making a bird box, learning to maintain woodland, and planting woodland fruits. This is run by the Green Square Residents group and Sow the City. It will happen on the grass area next to the Bowler St entrance to the park.

    The Green Square on Bowler St / Watts St 10am to 1pm Sat 21st April 2018 John - 07708 622 368 Woodland Fun Facebook Event
    green square woodland activities children levenshulme
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    Wildlife thriving on the park

    Recently we have had a series of awful cold snaps, bringing snow and ice. However, this has not affecting the bird and pond life. Sightings over the last few months have included nightingales - although some people have challenged this claim, suggesting it could have been a black cap. There is now a heron that can be sometimes seen on the park. Bullfinches and goldfinches can be seen too. The success of the birds may be in part due to the diverse trees. Some trees such as the cypress due to the way they trap air, can be 6c-9c warmer than the air temperature. We have also seen freshwater shrimp in the ponds - a sign of healthy clean water.

    Many thanks too for all who put out nuts and seeds on the park for the birds to keep them fed over the cold period. This made a massive difference!

    building bat boxes in highfield country park The common nightingale
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    Volunteer Bulb Planting - Sat 24th Feb

    Join us for a few hours work on the park! We are aiming to create places for flowerbeds at the entrances and under the lecterns, de-weed, tidy the borders and plant some bulbs.

    volunteer poster 24th feb 2018 - bulb planting in highfield country park
    Download the poster Bowler St Entrance to Highfield Country Park 12 noon Sat 24th Feb
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    Photos from the Bat Boxes event

    In 2017 we held an event for the community to build bat boxes and to help children and adults alike connect to nature in the park. In a future session we will put up the bat boxes around the park and people will be able to see them around the park for years to come! The bats in the park are at risk and we are doing what we can to support them. See below for photos.

    building bat boxes in highfield country park
    building bat boxes in highfield country park
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    Bowler St Community Clean Up - Sat 3rd Jan

    The resident's association on Bowler St are having a community clean up day on the streets around Bowler St and Watts St. Litter pickers shall be provided. Bring gloves if you have some - some spares will be available.

    The Green Square, Bowler St 10am Sat, 3rd Feb Emily 07825 261247
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    Extraordinary General Meeting - Tue 9th Jan 2018

    Our bi-monthly Friends meeting will happen at the baptist church opposite the Sidings pub. This meeting will include a vote on a new committee structure. This structure would mean more officers would be part overseeing decisions. All welcome.


    Levenshulme Baptist Church, Elmsworth Ave, Manchester M19 3NS, UK 7pm Tuesday, 9th Jan Alec - 0161 4832671
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    Vote for us in the Aviva Community Fund!

    The Friends of Highfield Country Park are bidding for funds to create a bee sanctuary in the park. Our idea is to create a Bee sanctuary garden in Highfield, one that all can enjoy and use as a walk through, and a place to sit and soak up the sun in the beautiful garden. A place where people can be educated and become closer to nature, but most of all for the bees of Manchester! As we all know, our bees need help, and it is vital that we help protect them. The aim is to have as many fruit trees, flowers, plants herbs and grasses that bees can flourish in, whilst creating an elegant space for families and other wildlife to enjoy. There would be a trail, which includes facts about bees, their different species, how they protect us and how we can help protect them. Read more and vote for us on the Aviva website!

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    Plans to Develop on Highfield Country Park Rejected

    Plans were submitted by Towerhouse Systems to propose developing 57 houses on Cringle Road by Highfield Country Park. This would have covered the land where the Shores Fold Community Farm currently stands.

    Reasons given for the council rejecting this development included:

    • Lack of access :- since it is assumed that each household may have two cars each, 114 cars may have to use Cringle Road for access. The roads were not considered big enough to cope with this.
    • Shores Fold Community Farm :- the farm is unique to this area, allowing families to visit and get tours of the animals. The loss of this farm would mean children would not get a chance to learn about animals.
    • Bat population :- bats have been confirmed to be living in Highfield Country Park and are a protected species. The loss of farmland would have an detrimental impact on their numbers. Now that this has been confirmed, we hope to do more work to support the bats.
    For more information on this planning application see the documents at the Manchester Council website.

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    New Bins and a Bench

    Volunteers Peter and Steve put in a new bench by the pond just by Nelstrop Road. This Tolkien-esque pond looks wild enough to make you think you may find crocodiles inside! And now there is a place for you to relax here, with a new bench that is in place. The new bins have been put in by the picnic area by Bowler St, by St Andrews, and on the path along by Cringle Road.

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    Family Event: Building Bat & Bird Boxes

    Come to this family friendly event and help protect the wildlife of the park. The biodiversity of the park is growing, and it is great news we now have confirmed bat populations living there. This event is supported by the John Muir Trust and we are grateful to them for support. Read more about bats in the UK at the Bat Conservation Trust.

    Highfield Country Park (meet at the picnic area by the Fallowfield Loop) 10am - 3pm Fri 27th October Alec - 0161 4832671